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The Nashville Tennis EP by Relient K

The Nashville Tennis EP (a pun on Nashville, Tennessee) is the band's seventh EP. It includes 13 tracks of new material that allowed the band to explore their sound a bit by allowing other band members, besides Thiessen and Hoopes, to compose/record a few tracks, as well as adding some influences from Country music and Ska.

1. "Where Do I Go from Here" 2:15
2. "The Scene and Herd" 2:53
3. "At Least We Made It This Far" 2:53
4. "The Last, the Lost, the Least" (written and vocals by bassist, John Warne.) 2:25
5. "The Lining Is Silver" 3:41
6. "There Was No Thief" (re-recorded version of, "The Thief", off the EP Apathetic EP.) 3:22
7. "No Reaction" (written and vocals by drummer, Ethan Luck.) 1:03
8. "Curl Up and Die" 4:08
9. "You'll Always Be My Best Friend" (written and vocals by Matt Hoopes and Matt Thiessen) 1:39
10. "There Was Another Time in My Life" 2:51
11. "Beaming" 1:00
12. "I Just Want You to Know" 2:57
13. "Bee Your Man" (written and vocals by Jonathan Schneck) 1:38


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