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CYBER10 Metal Storm - Keepers Of The Cross II by VARIOUS

CYBER10 Keepers Of The Cross compilation is back with great metal bands in the Christian genre. Some facts must be pointed here: This is first participation of bands from Honduras (Soter) and Mexico (Carlos Osnaya). The band Maestah has it's first single included here as well the guitarist Joabe Vasconcelos who has his first official song included in this compilation. The art cover was taken from a TV miniseries named "Pillars Of The Earth" which was based on the novel of the same name by Ken Follet.
1. Dynasty - Bloody War (4:28)
2. Amos - Pentecost (6:51)
3. Maestah - The Pilgrim (5:39)
4. Carlos Osnaya - Dueto In Adoration (3:42)
5. Clean Heart - Time To War (4:46)
6. C-Force - Up to Heaven (4:52)
7. Soter - Hueste Celestial (5:15)
8. Joabe Vasconcelos - Spiritual Mind (4:14)
9. Tryumphall - Illuminati New World Order (4:25)
10. Holy Cross - Medieval Heart (second version) (5:27)


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