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Penguin Dust by Atomic Opera


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Apr 23, 2014 10:41:25 AM
Track 5 'God of Hate' is sung and played so passionately in the video found on HM Video Magazine Vol. 4 (VHS) Click on the lyrics above to see how profoundly true this song is.
Track 7 is a tongue-in-cheek song about our selfish world.
Track 9 brilliant song about baptism, love the analogy.
Some eccentrically strong metal too.

November ()

...came and right away
we're lost we're all alone and lost
It's easy to say (so I noticed)
It's better to say that you don't believe
A few half lies (If you survive)
The winter came with a bitter rain and washed away the reasonI (yeah yeah)
Turn away from me againI (yeah yeah)
Turn away from Heaven
The season's change (and so they say)
It all remains the same anyway
It's easy to feel like it's no good
It's better to fall than to stand in The Way
When one half truth is our whole lives
The morning came with a darkening shame
And blinded me with reason

Copyright 1997 Atomic Opera

#1Make A God
#2Stop the Rain
#5God Of Hate
#7Spirit Of The Age
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