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For Madmen Only by Atomic Opera

Produced by Sam Taylor (King's X, Galactic Cowboys)


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Apr 23, 2014 10:42:48 AM
Musically superior, heavy and tight.
Track 2 wise not to pray for justice
Track 3 Sabbath like chords and beats
Track 7 "We all want to change the world, We don't want to change our mind"
"Its madness! caught between the white Son and blackness"
Track 8 "The shortest path was never a straight line"
Track 10 the ending would make their Galactic friends proud.
May 17, 2015 02:20:38 PM
I came to discovering Atomic Opera by the way of Sam Taylor. Sam produced two other bands I greatly enjoyed in my high school years, King's X and the Galactic Cowboys. I believe I picked up For Madmen Only while shopping at Long's while on vacation in Florida one summer. I seem to remember being amazed with this entire album on the long car ride back to NC.

I usually don't care too much who produces an album as very few it seems have the effect that Sam Taylor does. I have many albums that Sam has had a hand in the production and they all have a very professional, slick sound. I have no sort of musical background whatsoever, but it seems that Sam has that "magical touch".

It's rare that I like every track on a CD, but this is one of those rare exceptions. Every song has it's own unique sound, yet they also sound familiar. Perhaps it's the vocal harmonies on the chorus? Just do yourself a favor and click on the songs above and listen to yourself. Joyride and Justice are full length music videos.

I went on to pick up several more of Atomic Opera's albums and I've yet to be disappointed with what I've heard. Even if you aren't a fan of King's X or the Galactic Cowboys, give Atomic Opera a try as they have their own sound. For Madmen Only is a great first album. It's not a very expensive album to pick up on eBay, which is a nice change of pace from some of the other music I've shared.
#3Achilles' Heel
#4I Know Better
#5All Fall Down
#6War Drum
#9This Side Of The Rainbow
#10 New Dreams
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