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August & Everything Remastered by Lost Dogs

Limited Edition 2012 tour collection featuring fully remastered classics and previously unreleased mixes from the extensive Lost Dogs catalog. (CD comes in full color digipak.)

1. A Certain Love (from Real Men Cry) 02:55
2. Imagine That (from Little Red Riding Hood) 03:56
3. If You Want To (from Mutt) 04:05
4. Devil’s Elbow (from The Lost Cabin And The Mystery Trees) 03:13
5. Rocky Mountain Mines (from Little Red Riding Hood) 04:12
6. Israelites & Okies (alternate mix from Old Angel) 04:55
7. The Glory Road (alternate mix from Old Angel) 04:40
8. Come Down Here (from Nazarene Crying Towel) 02:52
9. The Mark Of Cain (from Real Men Cry) 03:34
10. No Room For Us (from Little Red Riding Hood) 04:14
11. Moses In The Desert (from Nazarene Crying Towel) 02:32
12. Crushing Hand (from Nazarene Crying Towel) 01:57
13. That’s Where Jesus Is (from The Lost Cabin And The Mystery Trees) 05:34
14. Eleanor, It’s Raining Now (from Little Red Riding Hood) 05:15
15. Breathe Deep (from The Green Room Serenade Part One) 04:16
16. Darkest Night (from Nazarene Crying Towel) 03:45
17. Traveling Mercies (alternate mix from Old Angel) 02:31
18. Make Believe (from The Green Room Serenade Part Two) 03:20
19. Lovely Man (Paste Sampler version) 03:47
20. The Net - The Lost Dogs with Rich Young Ruler (from Surfonic Water Revival) 03:47


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