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Little Red Riding / Pray Where You Are by Lost Dogs

In 2001 Millenium 8 Records re-issued Little Red Riding Hood (only 1500 copies made), the second album by the Lost Dogs, originally released in 1993 on Brainstorm Artists International. To make it of special interest to collectors, they added what was originally a 'for radio only' promotional CD as a bonus disc containing radio edits of several songs plus a lot of Eddies-type studio nitwittery that will make you grin.

Track Listing Little Red Riding Hood
1. No Ship Coming
2. Image That
3. You Satisfy
4. Bad Indigestion
5. Dunce Cap
6. Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson
7. Precious Memories
8. Rocky Mountain Mines
9. Jimmy
10. Eleanor, It’s Raining Now
11. Free At Last
12. Red, White, And Blue
13. I’m A Loser
14. No Room For Us
15. Pray Where You Are

Pray Where You Are
1. Pray Where You Are
2. Terry Teaches Rocky Mountain Mines
3. Rehearsing Jimmy
4. Jimmy (Album Cut)
5. Riding I The Devil E. Lee (Studio Madness)
6. Bad Indigestion (Album Cut)
7. Senor Gomez…Truth Don’t Lie (Even More Studio Nitwittery)
8. Imagine That (Radio Edit)


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