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Original Sin by Scream In Eden (pre Eden)

On Original Sin, Scream In Eden plays eighties influenced melodic metal/hard rock in the vein of Dokken, Whitecross, Joshua, Tesla, Stryper, Impellitteri and Babylon AD. Just check out the huge chorus hooks characteristic to “It’s A Shame”, “Forgotten Child” “Need Somebody” “Show Me” and “Morning Star”, five standout numbers that in another era might have challenged for airplay on FM radio(if given the opportunity). “Fan The Flame” is a customary – and very classy - acoustic laced ballad and “Tomorrow’s Yesterday” a gritty blues-drenched rocker. Rounding things out is the straightforward hard rock of “Give Me A Reason” “Love Rolls On” and “Back To The Garden”.

Lead vocalist Joe Dokken (no relation) brings a ton of sass and swagger with a soaring lead vocal style that hearkens back to the metal and hard rock scene of the eighties. Think Stephen Patrick (Holy Soldier), Paul Stanley (Kiss), Dan Mariano (Rage Of Angels) and perhaps even John Schlitt (Petra). Guitar wise, the albums original packaging lists a guitar team of Mark Villareal and Curt Anderson but it is actually Rex Carroll of Whitecross fame who handles all guitar duties here. And he does not disappoint. “Need Somebody”, “Give Me A Reason” and “Morningstar”, for instance, allow him to exhibit his first rate abilities- there are many who rate Rex with the better guitarist to come out of the eighties.

While an all around thinness characterizes the production to Original Sin, it is important to keep in mind this is an independent release recorded using mid-eighties technology.

Track Listing: "Need Somebody" (5:10), "Show Me" (4:32), "Morning Star" (5:23), "Fan The Flame" (5:00), "Tomorrow’s Yesterday" (4:30), "Forgotten Child" (6:02), "Give Me A Reason" (4:57), "It’s A Shame" (3:32), "Back To The Garden" (3:54), "Love Rolls On" (5:35)


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