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Pigs in a Blanket by VARIOUS

Tribute to One Bad Pig

SONGS SUBMITTED: • Never Forget the Cross - Anvah • Blow & Go - The Scooterz • You're a Pagan - Spoken Groove • See Me Sweat - Lordchain • Let's Be Frank - Ed Fleab w/S. Nelson & LSM • Big Stomach - Sean Bartlett • Hey Punk - Crimson Thorn • Cut Your Hair - Wear That Shoe When Your Love Died - Lordchain • For a Good Man - Spiral Cruciifixion • Red River - Slamcat, Deuteronomium • I Scream Sunday - I Scream Sunday • Bowl of Wrath - Three Times Fire • Looney Tune - The Guitar Lemonades • Thrash Against Sin - Frost Hardr Altar Ego - The Migraines Wholly My Lord - Far From Close Pad Thai - 6 versions - The Guitar Lemonades One Bad Pig Medley - Black Magic Marker Happy Birthday Again - Happy Little Day


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#1The Migraines "Altar Ego"
#2Lordchain "See Me Sweat"
#3The Scooterz "Blow & Go"
#4Spoken Groove "You're a Pagan"
#5The Guitar Lemonades "Pad Thai (Blues)"
#6Ed Fleab w/ S. Nelson & LSM "Let's Be Frank"
#7Slamcat "Red River"
#8Sean Bartlett "Big Stomach"
#9The Guitar Lemonades "Pad Thai (China)"
#10Wear That Shoe "Cut Your Hair"
#11The Guitar Lemonades "Looney Tune"
#12Crimson Thorn "Hey Punk"
#13The Guitar Lemonades "Pad Thai (Spanish)"
#14Far From Close "Wholly My Lord"
#15Anvah "Never Forget the Cross"
#16The Guitar Lemonades "Pad Thai (Country)"
#17Three Times Fire "Bowl of Wrath"
#18Spiral Crucifixion "For a Good Man"
#19Deuteronomium "Red River"
#20The Guitar Lemonades "Pad Thai (Easy)"
#21Black Magic Marker "Medley"
#22Frosthardr "Thrash Against Sin"
#23Lordchain "When Your Love Died"
#24The Guitar Lemonades "Pad Thai (Jazz)"
#25Warlight "I Scream Sunday"
#26Happy Little Day "Happy Birthday Again"
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