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Mad at the World by Mad at the World

Frontline release: CD9016 (vinyl R09016)
CD UPC: 084418901623

Produced by Roger Rose
Basic Tracks recorded at 3-D Studios, engineered by Dave Hackbath
Vocal Tracks recorded at Asylomar Studios, engineered by Dave Jahnsen (except "No More Innocence", recorded at MATW Studios, engineered by Roger Rose)
All arrangements by Roger Rose
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Brundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Photography by Linda Dillon Barley
Photographics by Ken Baley
Creative and Art Direction by Ed McTaggart & Brian Kay

Roger Rose: lead vocals, keyboards, guitars, synthesizer programming, drum programming, percussion.
Randy Rose: vocals, drum programming, percussion.
Mike Pendleton: guitar, percussion.

"Bad Motives" & "Chance of Luck" are not available on the vinyl version. All songs written by Roger Rose (C) 1987 Broken Songs.


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Dry Your Tears (4:14)

This life is a series of hello's and goodbye's
Ten thousand different people pass before eyes
And every day another story line begins
But every night you end with loneliness again
I only know too clearly what you're going through
But it can lead you to a different point of view

So dry your tears
You have invited
Creation and Creator united
So understand, don't be so near-sighted
IN a world where you see nothing everywhere
Close your eyes and pray
Heaven could be calling your name

Please don't get caught up in the heartache and the pain
That seems to easy for the human race to bring
Sometimes you wonder where a path like this could lead
That causes you inside to cry, suffer and bleed
Don't let life be emotion taking you nowhere
Don't listen to the lies that tell you not to care


Copyright 1987 Mad at the World

#1Living Dead3:30
#2All The Lonely Sheep5:53
#3I Want To See Heaven4:28
#4No Room Left4:07
#5Taking The Easy Way Out3:53
#6Bad Motives4:20
#7No More Innocence4:55
#8It Can't Rain Forever5:03
#9Here We Go Again3:31
#10Dry Your Tears4:14
#11Mad At The World3:58
#12Chance Of Luck3:46
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