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Fun and Games [Vinyl] by Huntingtons

Available for the first time ever on vinyl, the Huntington's classic sophomore release, "Fun and Games." The audio has been remasterd by J Powell at Steinhaus, and sounds incredible! As a special bonus, this vinyl version also contains the songs from the 1997 ep "The Only One". Features a full color double sided 11" x 22" insert! Two colors of vinyl are available, Blue (limited to 300), and Black (limited to 200).

Track Listing

01. Alison's The Bomb
02. Bubblegum Girl
03. Lucy's About To Lose Her Mind
04. The Only One
05. Huntingtons At The Beach
06. All She Knows (Is Breakin' My Heart)
07. Losing Penny
08. She's A Brat
09. Friday Nights At The Rec

01. Goddess And The Geek
02. Don't Beat Me Up
03. Crackhead
04. Leave Home
05. Come On Let's Go
06. Dokken Roll
07. Perfect Girl
08. Blue Moon Diner
09. Ozzy Speaks


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Jul 8, 2014 05:48:35 PM
Anyone have this? How does it sound on vinyl?

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