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Sanctus Gladius Records Summer Sampler 2012 by VARIOUS

Sanctus Gladius Records has released a Free Summer Sampler digital download. This music sampler contains bands that have released an album on Sanctus Gladius Records or that will release an album through Sanctus Gladius Records in the near future.

1) Armath Sargon – Militia Deus
2) Brutal Cross – Sin Redemption
3) Zero+onE – Normandie
4) Dark Night – Spell Of Halloween
5) Through The Thorns – Eternal Blaze
6) Divine Incarnation – The Return
7) Knights Of The New Temple – Armours
8) Brutal War – Apocalyptic Horsemen
9) Imperial Dusk – Jesus, Jesus Ver Du Hja Meg
10) Almagor – Aborto Comun
11) Diamoth – The Grave Of Souls

This sampler can be downloaded by clicking here


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