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Russian Christian Metal Vol. VII by VARIOUS

01 Мелхиседек - Не отдавай
02 Charlie Spate - Цирк покупает наши глаза
03 Реквиемъ - Третья планета от солнца
04 Death Is Off - Помоги мне
05 Exorcist - Экзорцист
06 Линия По Производству Лейкопластыря - Пастор
07 Leavin' Osaka - И яд лжи проникнет глубже
08 The Four Slam - Кровь моей любви
09 Usynling Tumult - Проклятье вечной зимы
10 Если - Демонкрат
11 the ODDZ - Я живой
12 Всё, Что Имеет Цену - Голос


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Mar 14, 2015 08:48:59 PM
I didn't realize there were so many heavy Christian bands in Russia. Between these 7 volumes, I hear styles ranging from traditional heavy metal to doom to symphonic goth to female front hard core to calypso metal to melodic metal to death doom to power metal to screamo and more. These volumes are so cool for those willing to experience quality metal with thick accented vocals. Not a lick of English throughout.

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