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Cardboard Box by Glenn Kaiser

1.Unemployment Blues 02:03
2.Loading Dock 03:57
3.Opportunity Dance 03:31
4.The Protest 03:29
5.Street Talk 02:36
6.Cardboard Box 02:52
7.Repurposed 02:37
8.Urban Hobo 02:51
9.Poverty Blues 03:00
10.Hold Me 03:52
11.Live Your Life for a Change 02:17
12.What You Did 04:50


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Mar 11, 2014 11:32:53 PM
More greatness from a great man and band. Thank you Glenn for giving us insights into the homeless world. A topic touched upon in the days of REZ too. Very familiar guest vocalist in track 4. The musical standout is the title track, nice guitar work from the sultan of slide. The lyrical standout is the clever track 9 'Poverty Blues'. Track 10 'Hold Me' contains the most righteous lyrics of them all. It is a strong a capella song. Track 11 SAME AS REZ 'LIVE YOUR LIFE'?
Track 12 'What you Did' is a very appropriate way to end this album, it is a Matt 25:40 paraphrased.

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