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Cornerstone Festival Video Scrapbook 2001 (DVD) by VARIOUS

This DVD is an in-depth musical journey through the bands,
stages, and moments of cornerstone 2001.
It has live coverage, images, and extras!
If you didn't get the chance to go to the festival...


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Apr 18, 2014 09:37:23 AM
First class production by John J. Thompson and Generation One Productions. This is more than just a music videography. It offers top notch: close ups, aerial views, interviews, testimonies, press clips, song clips and over 100 still shots all professionally done. A day by day synopsis of: mud, rain, sun, crowd shots, ministry, variety, weirdness, bugs, prayers, drama, dance, mosh pits, camping, humidity, fireworks, food, extreme sports, competition, recreation, fellowship, seminars, Cornerstone University, kids arts and crafts, fun, community, worship, etc. Something for everyone.

From Larry Norman to Stryper to Squad Five O.

This was marketed to music fans that have never beheld the grand daddy of all Christian festivals. Offers nostalgia for those that have been. This DVD is ALMOST like being there. 30 hours of compressed footage.

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