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Late for an Early Grave by Victor Griffin

1. Late for an Early Grave 04:09
2. Never Surrender 03:52
3. Mainline 03:22
4. Wolf's Blood 04:41
5. Vampyre Love 03:47
6. Too Late 04:25
7. Feeling of Dread 02:36
8. The Pusher / Iron Horse (Steppenwolf / Motörhead cover) 05:31
9. Ain't It Fun (The Dead Boys cover) 05:00
10. Son of Sam (The Dead Boys cover) 05:09

All songs recorded between 1988 and 1994.

Parts of "Mainline" turned up in "Last Hit" on Place of Skulls' With Vision. Songs four through six ended up being used on Pentagram's Be Forewarned album. "Feeling of Dread" turned up on Place of Skulls' (but had been played live by Death Row) Nailed album. Songs one and two later turned up on In~Graved's self titled album.

Original vinyl issue limited to 500 copies, 25 promo versions, and 10 test pressings.

Re-released on CD including two bonus tracks:
7. Pistonhead [4:59] - became "Never Die" on Place of Skulls' Nailed album.
12. Haywire [2:59]


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