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First Born of the Dead by XDwellX

1. Desire
2. Naked Sky
3. In Your Presence
4. 490
5. My Eyes
6. Savior
7. You Dry My Tears
8. First Born of the Dead
9. Left Behind
10. In your presence (reprise)


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Jun 20, 2014 10:12:15 PM
Not what you would expect from a band name that appears extreme and artwork that appears doom. Coincidentally this band hails from the doom capitol of Maryland. The only thing extreme is the harsh vocals in part of track 5 after 4 minutes of silence. Otherwise God filled songs and powerful vocals. Pretty good mixture of metal, hard rock and rock. One song about abortion. Track 10 contains a humorous hidden track.

Apparently they have another CD entitled 'Silence The End' available through their myspace.

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