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Get It by X-Sinner

The CD cover depicted here is from the Pakaderm release. This CD was also released on A&M Records. View this link to see the A&M cover:


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Oct 8, 2014 08:56:08 AM
No one knows what happened to David Robbins???
Oct 19, 2015 08:29:21 AM
Thank GOD, some friends and I got the joy of seeing X-Sinner on the "Get It!" tour, with Dave Robbins!!! Wow!!! X-Sinner took the stage and ROCKED the place! Their performance came across very professional, and Dave Robbins vocals were awesome! Believe me, the "Get It!" album was NO fluke!

While I realize the band's lyrics aren't as "bold" as what you would find with Stryper or White Cross, for example, the message of Truth is still present: "The choice is made for me/Heaven is the place to be!/You might say I'm crazy/but He'll be comin' back for me!" ("Steppin' on Toes.") In concert, X-Sinner was very bold for Christ! The Gospel message was given, people had a chance to respond, and Bibles were given out! That X-Sinner concert was one BIG PARTY FOR JESUS CHRIST, and one of the FUNNEST concerts I've EVER been to!!! Awesome time...awesome memories!!!
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