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Blindside [Day-Glo] by Blindside

This is the original release on Day-Glo Records. The album was re-issued later that year licensed to Tooth & Nail Records / Solid State. The running order on that release is different; it omits the track "Sidewinder" and it features 4 extra tracks from the "Empty Box" EP.
The cover on this Day-Glo release is also slightly different in that it has the Compact Disc Digital Audio logo printed on it.

Track # 9 consists of actually two tracks. First it's "Never" which lasts about 4:27. Then there's silence until 9:30. The hidden track "Lova Herren" -which is a Swedish version of Psalm 117- starts there and lasts until 11:11. Then it's again silence and right before the end at 21:12 there's a little guitar noise for the last few seconds.

1 Daughter 2:25
2 Liberty 3:16
3 Nerve 2:49
4 Superman 2:49
5 Invert 3:10
6 This Shoulder 3:17
7 One Mind 4:20
8 Sidewinder 4:26
9 Never 21:19


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