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Papyrus by Eterna

"Brazil is perhaps mostly known for it?s flourishing death metal scene and of course Angra but there are also a couple of power metal bands hailing from that huge country. Eterna is one of them and this is the first album from the band but still it shows a band with a very mature sound. Even though there are some traces of classic Rainbow and modern progressive influences the band oozes power metal more than everything else, most notably due to the two vocalists."

Re-released by Scarlet Records in 2001 with new cover art.
Track number 10, Papyrus, is divided into two parts:
Part 1: The Holy Fire
Part 2: The Firstling


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#1Working Man
#3Mary's Son
#4Da Pacem Domine
#5The War is Over!
#7Social Sacrifice
#11Part 1: The Holy Fire
#12Part 2: The Firstling
#13Flight Recorder
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