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20:20 Vision (live) by ApologetiX

Released in October 2012, 20:20 Vision was recorded live at the ApologetiX 20th anniversary concert in Wexford PA on August 24, 2012.

We've done live albums before, but never quite like this. It's a two-CD set, because we wanted fans to finally have a recording that completely captures the ApologetiX experience, including dialogue between songs, comedy routines, teaching, testimonies, etc.

We tried to think of the "live" albums we liked best when we were growing up. It wasn't the polished "semi-live" albums that were practically rerecorded in the studio; it was the recordings that actually captured a band, warts and all, having a blast interacting with its audience.

This CD features three new songs, 16 classics, and a new medley of other favorites. About half of the songs have female backing vocals. In addition, there are songs that were previously only available acoustically but are now electrified.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. As we look back on 20 years and 20 albums as ApologetiX, our vision has remained the same: to reach the lost and teach the rest.


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