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Shining Force by Shining Force


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Jun 17, 2014 08:37:39 PM
For me this album sums up the totality of Christian metal. What a fine release by a sorely under appreciated band. It has everything:

Excellent song writing
Great production
Stellar metal
Cool vocal style
Blesses w/ Godly lyrics of end time and/or Kingdom to Come themes
Every song pounds in a refreshing new way


Track 9-Oh how the bass guitar and drumset has rarely sounded better together. I cannot sit still while listening. I haven't heard drumming like this since father Bonham back in the day.

Tk 13-"Christ the mighty Warrior
Tearing down the destroyer"

Tk 15-Beautiful song sung to the Lord that shows their musical versatility

Some people may complain of the length but I never tire of hearing music and words like this.
My only complaint, it nearly made me late for work. I had a hard time getting out of my car. This will be a frequent player! This is in my top 10 and will no doubt stay in my top 20 for a long time. Now I am on the look out for their other stuff. Anyone?
#1The Old Serpent Whispers
#2God is Calling
#3Bow Down
#4Sign of the Times
#5The One I Love
#6Come Quickly
#7Shining Force
#8Holy nation
#9A La Chamba
#11Holy of Holies
#12The Blood
#14The Holy One
#15All to You
has lyrics

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