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77's (DVD, Re-Issue) by 77s

Lo-Fidelity and the 77's are proud to announce the re-release of the 77's DVD. 2 DVDs, the official videos, odds and ends, an entire disc of live footage, extensive liner notes from Mike....just minutes shy of 3 hours of footage..

(DVD 1)
Sevens: The 'Official' Videos
A Different Kind Of Light
Mercy Mercy
Ba Ba Ba Ba
Nuts For You
For Crying Out Loud
The Boat Ashore
Come And Gone: Rare Bonus Features
Exit Records TV Spot - 1986
Useless Parsley & The Ordinaries - 1987
Arron Smith "Drums Naked" - 1992
Drowning With Land In Sight Video Press Kit
Safe As Milk - Cornerstone 97 performance

(DVD 2)
The Years Go Down: Live Concert Footage
Warehouse 1982 – Ping Pong Over The Abyss, Denomination Blues
Cornerstone 1984 – Different Kind Of Light, Renaissance Man, It’s So Sad, Ping Pong Over The Abyss
Warehouse 1985 – Your Pretty Baby
Ichthus 1985 – It’s So Sad
Warehouse 3/87 – Bottom Line, Pearls Before Swine, Over Under Sideways Down, Mercy Mercy, You Don't Scare Me
Warehouse 10/87 - The Final Hour (previously unreleased)
Warehouse 1989 – MT, Nowhere Else, The Lust the Flesh the Eyes & the Pride of Life
Rock of Love 1991 - Come and Gone, UUUU, Miserable, Do It For Love
Ichthus 1992 – Perfect Blues, This Is The Way Love Is
Cornerstone 1992 – This Is The Way Love Is, God Sends Quails, Make A Difference Tonight
Ichthus 1993 – UUUU
Madison's Cafe 1997 - Dave's Blues, Pearls Before Swine, Perfect Blues
Paradox Theater 1999 - This Is The Way Love Is, What Was In That Letter, Unbalanced, Best I Had, Outskirts


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