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Neon Cross by Neon Cross

Here are some interesting facts about the first disc from guitarist Don Webster:

"You know, we never really played "Right Time" that much. That song was written during the recording of our first CD Dino Elefante (producer) thought we needed a hit, so, him and I, and Dave wrote this song. The song that got pinched was "Nobody". I guess Dino thought that if his brother (John) sang on the song it would be a hit. Although the song is a good song, I never felt it was a Neon Cross Song.

"Run Into the Light" was written by Mitch (PK Mitchell) when he was playing bass in the band. We played that song a lot. It was a fun song to play live. I didn't like the 'run into the light part,' (I) thought it was to weird. But I am a team player and did it anyway. "You're the One," was recorded and meant to be on our first CD as well. Dave and I are re-recording it for NEON CROSS II. I personally like that song."


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Jun 14, 2014 09:35:42 PM
One of those albums that seems best played on Vinyl version. Still have mine, and hadn't really thought about how much better it seems to be when listened to on vinyl
#2Frontline Life
#3 We Are The Children (Of Our Lord)
#4 On The Rock
#5. I'm Not Alone
#6(This Is The) Right Time
#7Run Into The Light
#8Far Cry (From Eden)
#9Outta The Way
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