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Legend by Legend

Legend is the debut album of the Christian rock band of the same name. After this recording, the band changed the name to Legend Seven when they became aware of another band with the same name. It was released in 1992 under the Word Records label.

1 Friendly Fire 4:31
2 Don't Believe It 3:30
3 Angela 4:10
4 After The Fall 4:56
5 Carry Me 4:36
6 Set This Place On Fire 4:09
7 Colours 3:56
8 They That Wait 4:49
9 Lead Me Back 4:09
10 Always And Forever 3:22


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oldschooldoom flywheels

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Mar 18, 2014 11:06:55 PM
This is indeed LEGENDary. This is not only cries out for the remaster treatment but the 20 year mix treatment of everything Legend, Legend Seven, Ruscha, etc. Much like was done recently with Crystavox. This would be my fave of these previously mentioned incarnations of these band members.
May 29, 2015 10:44:22 PM
Legend, later forced to change their name to Legend Seven (another band was found to be using the same name) got their beginning as Ruscha. However my first exposure to Legend came at the hands of a free store demo courtesy of my older brother who worked in Christian retail.

This self-titled debut album was released in early 1992 and at that time I feel like I was mellowing out a bit and making that transition from metal to hard were several bands during this time. I always liked Andy Denton's vocals and a few of these songs really stood out to me. This CD would eventually find plenty of time in my truck's CD player throughout high school.

Pulling it out again recently I was quickly reminded of how good this album is. I can see how it garnered a few hits on Christian radio.

Friendly Fire, Don't Believe It, Angela, Colours and Always and Forever are all straight up hard rocking songs, while Carry Me and Lead Me Back shows off the bands softer, ballad side. Carry Me would become one of my favorite rock worship songs. They That Wait has a bluesy sound and while not my favorite song, I like the diversity it gives the album.

Sadly the band would only record one other album (as Legend Seven) before they would disband around 1996. One of these days I'll track down one of the Ruscha albums, but for now I'll just enjoy this album and their sophomore release, Blind Faith.

A quick search on eBay didn't yield many results for current listings for either of their albums, however a few sellers on seem to have the album available for sale for less than $25.

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