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On Delivery (Live) [DVD] by Messenger

1. Chained 3:59
2. Fear No Evil 3:12
3. Wallowing In the Mire 3:51
4 Let My People Go 3:41
5. Bright and Morning Star 3:38
6. The Risen Christ 4:03
7. Rulemaker 3:32
8. The Rapture (Extended) 4:21
9. So Good (Extended) 4:03
10. Don't Shoot the Messenger 4:44
11. King of Kings (Extended) 5:37


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Sep 17, 2019 04:06:17 PM
Except for YouTube, I had not seen Messenger perform 'Live' until this DVD and very recently in person. I have been following their releases since the beginning and have always been blessed with the no worries, no doubt, Godly lyrics. Their live 'Delivery' is smoking!

This band has always had world class lead vocals and lead guitarist. I love this straight forward hard rock/heavy metal with crystal clear coherent vocals.

I cannot definitively compare them to anyone and that's a good thing. To me, their signature sound is easily recognizable. Yet on this DVD, the bluesy song 'So Good' could easily be a Darrell Mansfield tune. 'Don't Shoot the Messenger' but I have to say I still encourage Messenger to keep shining a light in dark places even when there is only one soul to be blessed. It's not easy being a Christian band these days on the local circuit. I proudly wear my Messenger shirt! Really looking forward to the new album coming soon!!

Most don't realize that Messenger happens to be one very fine cover band ranging from material from The Beatles to Black Sabbath. Very clever when performing at secular venues to mix it up.

I liked the multi camera views and editing. I enjoyed the bonus material too. It's good to hear from everyone in the band, it helps make a personal connection. If Messenger ever is able to do another DVD, I recommend adding into the bonus material the list of albums released. Some bands make it clickable to see the track listing.

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