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8ighty 8ight/ When Numbers Get Serious by 77s

"When Numbers Get Serious" is a bonus disc that comes with this re-issue of the classic live album 88.

8ighty 8ight
1-1 Perfect Blues
1-2 I Can't Get Over It
1-3 Wild Blue
1-4 Mary And The Baby Elvis
1-5 Closer
1-6 Where It's At
1-7 The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes & The Pride Of Life
1-8 Over Under Sideways Down
1-9 Mercy Mercy
1-10 You Don't Scare Me
1-11 I Could Laugh
When Numbers Get Serious
2-1 The Days To Come
2-2 Paint It Black
2-3 This Is The Way Love Is
2-4 Alone Together
2-5 Flowers In The Sand
2-6 Snowblind
2-7 Outskirts
2-8 Woody
2-9 Nobody's Fault But Mine
2-10 Pick Up The Pieces
2-11 Honesty
2-12 Dave's Blues
2-13 God Sends Quails
2-14 Pearls Before Swine
2-15 Bridge Of Sighs
2-16 Saved


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