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Beyond Hell's Gate (Collector's Edition) by Final Axe

The album has been remixed, remastered, and partially re-recorded.
there are three tracks included on the Collector’s Edition that did not appear on the original release – an Intro track, an Outro track (both instrumental), but the real gem is the Rorbert Sweet Drum Solo entitled “Area 51”. This is the very first Robert Sweet drum solo (studio recorded) released since the legendary Roxx Regime demo!

1. Beyond the Gate 1:35
2. Baptized In Blood 2:36
3. Are You Ready? 2:42
4. No Time To Die 3:07
5. Soldier of Compromise 4:14
6. Blind Faith 2:58
7. Area 51 1:54
8. Close To Deliverance 2:07
9. Thrown In the Fire 3:19
10. Don't Run Away 3:27
11. War Cry 2:55
l12. Rated X 3:24
13. Eternity 0:45


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Jul 30, 2014 11:09:20 PM
Remixed, remastered, and Robertized (RS).

I love how they took awesome and turned it into absolutely stellar. Here is proof again that outside of Stryper, Robert Sweet is still a premier drummer (check out Area 51).

I love all of these songs, terrific song writing!
'Blind Faith' check out the lyrics!
Track 3 'Are You Ready? (to meet your Maker)' is quite sobering and comforting at the same time.
Not often that a re-issue becomes a top 10(4)2010.

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