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Echos O' Faith + Played Naked by 77s

Package contains "Echos O' Faith + Played Naked" (2 CD set). "Echos O' Faith + Played Naked" contains an all new booklet with photos and extensive liner notes written by Michael Roe.

1.MT 05:53
2.Nowhere Else 05:16
3.Ba Ba Ba Ba 04:40
4.The Treasure In You 05:27
5.Hard To Say 04:21
6.The Rain Kept Falling In Love 04:53
7.Bottom Line 05:07
8.A Different Kind Of Light 04:01
9.The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes & The Pride Of Life 04:02
10.Caught In An Unguarded Moment 04:04
11.Do It For Love 05:00
12.Look 03:57
13.UUUU 05:38
14.Happy Roy 04:16
15.God Sends Quails 07:10
16.Kites Without Strings 06:05
17.The Rain Kept Falling In Love 04:53
18.Don't, This Way 08:22
19.MT 03:54
20.Mike Breaks A String 03:06
21.Happy Roy 05:11
22.Do It For Love 04:37
23.The Crowd Goes Wild 02:51
24.Denomination Blues 05:03


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