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Seeds And Stems by 77s

Limited edition bonus CD that features more of the "Sticks And Stones" story. (This replicated CD comes in a professionally printed, shrink-wrapped cardboard sleeve.)

1.You Walked In The Room (Original Mix) 04:23
2.What Was In That Letter (Live) 03:15
3.Make A Difference Tonight (Live) 07:10
4.Ba Ba Ba Ba (Live) 04:24
5.I Could Laugh (Live) 11:36
6.Revealed In A Kiss (Demo) 05:40
7.The Prodigal Son (Live) 03:34
8.This Is The Way Love Is (Demo) 04:19
9.Love Without Dreams (Basic Track) 05:08
10.God Sends Quails (Early Production Version) 06:22


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