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The Yellow and Black Attack Is Back (EP) by Guardian

Originally released independently by the band on G-Man Records in 1998. Then in 2000, M8 Distribution re-released this masterpiece.

Guardian has given this classic album the once over, yet staying as close to the original as they could. If you heard the track on the "Mother of all Tribute Album" then you know what to expect.


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Aug 2, 2014 06:56:15 PM
Only Stryper can do Stryper but that is not the point of this album. This is Guardian showing appreciation to the band that were instrumental in them getting their big break.

Tony P's guitar work is excellent, it is true that he tutored Oz about 8 years before this album. This is the most 'metal' I've heard Jamie sing since his days with Tempest.
#1Loud 'n' Clear
#2From Wrong To Right
#3You Know What To Do
#4Co'mon Rock
#5You Won't Be Lonely
#6Loving You
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