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Swing Swang Swung by Guardian

Myrrh release: 7012529261
This album was distributed through BMG Direct at one point (BMG# D118293).

Guardian filmed videos for "Way Home Back" and "See You In Heaven".


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Feb 15, 2014 04:32:54 PM
Still confused by this album.
Apr 16, 2014 11:25:32 PM
Should have been entitled 'Pop Poppy Popped'. This album marked the pivotal direction they took from classic rock to commercial pop. But better than a lot of other Christian pop since.Truthfully, I put off spinning this until now, I know why. I listen to this for all of the non-hits as I've heard all of the hits 100's of times before. I never tire of 'See You in Heaven', very comforting at times of grief.

Don't Say That It's Over ()

You hear me knocking
Say I can't come in
So I stand outside your door
I stayed up late thinkin' bout
The things we said
Why can't we call a truce in our little war?

Don't say that it's over
Don't tell me no lies
Don't say that it's over
I put down my foolish pride

In my heart I hold a picture of you
It carries me through the times
Now it seems like speaking too soon got the best of me
The last word always had to be mine

If I ever once acted out
On what I believe
I wouldn't be sitting here alone
With my heart on my sleeve
If I could change the way I did the things
I've done before
I'd change the day I let you walk out that door

Since you've been gone
I had a little change in my heart
Something tells me
Things I should've known from the start

The letter that you wrote me
Made me sit up and think
Your words spin around in my head
I just lay in bed thinkin' bout the days gone by
Wishin' we could try again

Well it's the pride that comes before the fall
That done me in
I don't need a mirror to seee
The shape my heart is in
You never miss your water till your well runs dry
Won't you give me one more chance
I put down my foolish pride

Copyright 1994 Guardian

#1Way Home Back
#2Endless Summer
#3C'mon Everyone
#4Like the Sun
#5Rich Man Over the Line
#6Your Love
#7Don't Say That It's Over
#8See You in Heaven
#9Let the Whole World
#10Preacher and the Bear
#11Still On My Mind
#12Why Don't We
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