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Swing Swang Swung by Guardian

Myrrh release: 7012529261
This album was distributed through BMG Direct at one point (BMG# D118293).

Guardian filmed videos for "Way Home Back" and "See You In Heaven".


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zelote je_ggg

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Feb 15, 2014 04:32:54 PM
Still confused by this album.
Apr 16, 2014 11:25:32 PM
Should have been entitled 'Pop Poppy Popped'. This album marked the pivotal direction they took from classic rock to commercial pop. But better than a lot of other Christian pop since.Truthfully, I put off spinning this until now, I know why. I listen to this for all of the non-hits as I've heard all of the hits 100's of times before. I never tire of 'See You in Heaven', very comforting at times of grief.

Endless Summer ()

I've reached the end
Of an endless summer
I just woke up
From a crazy dream
I'm getting up
With my eyes wide open
And I'm seeing the things
That my eyes ain't never seen

Well I heard the bell in the nick of time
But the green gets greener onthe other side
Still I ride
What's a cowboy to do?

Bronco Billy rides a buck on the go-round
Got thrown in the corporate hoedown
Swimming like a fish up the stream
And he's holding on to a piece of the dream
Where the bright lights sure ain't all that they seem
Feels like he's headin' for the fall


It's said that money talks
And I'll not deny
I heard it once, it said goodbye
Oh Lord, I've got to put my trust in You

Came a whisper that we're playin' the fools
You can't win when they're changing the rules
And I'm ready to wish on a star
Yes I know Lord you've brought me this far
And I've learned that it's only You
Who can change my attitude

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction
What we do
What we say
It's like the east and the west
And the north and the south
And the black and the white
And the day and the night

Childhood just like springtime
Eternal youth all summer long
Can I make it in the harvest
When winter's done that's all

Copyright 1994 Guardian

#1Way Home Back
#2Endless Summer
#3C'mon Everyone
#4Like the Sun
#5Rich Man Over the Line
#6Your Love
#7Don't Say That It's Over
#8See You in Heaven
#9Let the Whole World
#10Preacher and the Bear
#11Still On My Mind
#12Why Don't We
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