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Kingdom of Rock 1982-1989 by Guardian

The first G-Man records release, this contains tracks from the then-out-of-print First Watch, the tracks off the California Metal compilations and one early demo track, Voyager.


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Aug 1, 2014 10:53:14 PM
Just 41 minutes divided by 10 tracks to represent their finest era in my opinion. 10 great songs before they became slickly over produced during 'The Jamie Rowe' era. These are some pretty catchy tunes, some of their finest guitar work came from back when they were Gardian, Fusion, and Voyager.
These 10 songs are the best of the 2001 Voyager & Fusion release.
#1Kingdom Of Rock
#2Mystery Man
#3I'll Never Leave You
#5Rock In Victory
#6Saint's Battalion
#7Spiritual Warfare
#8Marching On
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