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First Watch by Guardian

David Bach Bass
Tony Palacios Guitars
Rikk Hart Drums
Paul Cawley Vocals

Enigma release: 7 73216-2
UPC: 018777321624

Debut album on Enigma, produced by Oz Fox of Stryper. Later reissued on the band's own G-Man label with a picutre disc to differentiate it for collectors - the original is an all-black CD with track list & logo as it appears on the cover.

'First Watch' was released on Roadrunner Records in Europe.

Special 2009 20th Anniversary Edition digipak includes liner notes from David Back and new photos of the band from the First Watch era. Remastered with bonus tracks:

13 - Spiritual Warfare (1987 California Metal Sessions) (04:07)
14 - Marching On (1987 California Metal Sessions) (03:39)


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#1I'll Never Leave You
#2Mystery Man
#3Livin' For The Promise
#5Saints Battalion
#6Kingdom of Rock
#7The Good Life
#8One of a Kind
#9World Without Love
#10Rock in Victory
#12Marching On
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