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She by Jerusalem

This is the first album from the band with new songs in 16 years and the band today consists of: Ulf "Uffe" Christiansson on vocals and guitar, bassist Peter Carlsohn and drummer Mikael Ulvsgärd. The 2 last been in the band since the Warrior album from 1981! "SHE" is the story of a world lying and turning it's back on the Lord and in need of love and forgiveness. The music is modern hard rock more guitar based than before!

Calling On
Come On
I Want To Leave Her
Save My Life
Amos 5
Crown The King
The Story Of D
The Greatest Party
Standing At Jericho


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Apr 16, 2014 11:15:47 PM
This is the new Jerusalem! Sounds so good and modern. But has some signature sound from the old (ancient?) Jerusalem. Rest assured, Ulf has still got it! The delays were worth it. The band wanted things to be just right and not rush this to the market, wisdom is learning from the past. This is an amazing album to listen to many times; listen for the music and vocals but re-listen just for the concept behind the album. Took me awhile to realize who I am reminded of in the harder (last half) songs...a combination of Thin Lizzy, UFO and U2. Strange mix I know, but it works well.

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