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World Requiem by Eternal Ryte

Scott Ernest: Drums, Percussion
Fred Gustafsson: Bass, Vocals
Caesar Kalinowski: Producer, Engineer, Mixed
Mike Kramer: Engineer
Gavin Morkel: Executive Producer
Bobby Smith: Songwriter, Guitars
Phil St. Vincent: Songwriter, Lead Vocals

Tracklist .

1 Tightrope Dancer 3:53
2 Requiem 4:37
3 Someone To Love 4:42
4 Say Hello 4:20
5 The Killer 4:48
6 Surrender 3:07
7 On The Line 4:02
8 You And Me 3:42
9 The King 5:02
10 No More Lies 5:15


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MikeInFla fishingd

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May 17, 2015 02:35:46 PM
Eternal Ryte is one of those bands from the 90's LA scene. I picked up the cassette of this album way back when and after a few listens, it was shelved permanently. One of the nice things about starting this blog is it has gotten me to take a listen to some albums again that I haven't messed with in 20 years. This is one of those albums.

While looking around for the CD of this album, I noticed the secondary prices were in the $30 range. Wow, really? I knew that the album had been re-issued, but I was looking for the original Pure Metal Records version. I stumbled across a eBay listing from a large media reseller and the listing just had a generic "in stock" picture. The album listing along with the track listing didn't mention anything about the re-issue. The Buy It Now price was only $10 w/ free shipping so I took a chance. Less than a week later, low and behold the Pure Metal version arrived in my mail box!

I'm glad I listened to this album again as I have a new appreciation for the music. Phil St. Vincent's vocals, while powerful, aren't my favorite. However musically this album rocks. Seriously, I'm impressed with the guitars, bass and drums on just about every single track.

Some of my favorite tracks include Requiem, The Killer and The King. I don't know if I can recommend dropping $30+ for the original version, but a solid metal effort none the less.
#1Tightrope Dancer
#3Someone to Love
#4Say Hello
#5The Killer
#7On the Line
#8You and Me
#9The King
#10No More Lies
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