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The Greater Cause by John Schlitt


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Feb 15, 2014 09:57:10 PM

Take Me Home ()

He thought he'd make it
He was ready now to take control
Took his daddy's money
Took his freedom and he walked out the door
Who can say what life will bring
End up as a pawn or a mighty king
Now you find the things you wanted
Are the things that cost you your soul

Your life ain't over when the money runs out
Just say the words, let your spirit cry out

Take me home - I've been away so long
Take me home - I can see I was wrong

To keep on living like this life I live
Won't cost me at all
I wish I knew then what I know now
Cause it caused me to fall
There's a time when you realize
There must be something better than this hollow life
Sometimes the grass, it isn't greener on the other side

My life ain't over - I'm just turning around
I heard the word and my spirit cried out

Take me home - I've been away so long
Take me home - I can see I was wrong
Take me home (I was wrong) - It's no one's fault but my own
Take me home - I want to go back home

I want to thank you, thank you for the second chances
Cause every time I turn away you understand
And if it wasn't for your love I'd never make it
Cause now I stand here as a healed but broken man

Copyright 2012 John Schlitt

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