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Dissimulation by Hope for the Dying


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Transcend (7:20)

How could you, spit in the face of God
This is an all out war
The hatred you preach won't stand any longer
We’ve come to rectify
The years of abuse and pain
The bitter taste, endured
Till we can celebrate
Revere the glory of your demise
Your words will not prevail, and we will not stray
The time has come for all the wrongs, to be turned into rights
It won’t be long
How dare you, condemn in the name of God
This is your final chance
For He will send the wicked down for their lies
The pit of destruction awaits
Oh, deceptive tongue
For your folly, you will pay
The final hour approaches
Of sorrow and despair
And soon enough, you’ll beg for death to come

These days will come
Come to an end and so will you
The words you’ve said
Depicted a voice that you
Were never given
Time for reformation
Has arrived

Copyright 2011 Hope for the Dying

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