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Stop The Bleeding (Vinyl Re-Issue) by Tourniquet

Limited edition re-release on red vinyl.


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May 22, 2014 11:23:07 AM
Anyone have this? How does it sound on vinyl? Looks pretty cool.

[Side 01E] The Threshing Floor (4:12)

You see life as a game (Eph 6:11)
that you don't want to play in
Born in a world that you don't wanna stay in
There's only two roads (Jer 6:16-19)
and none in between them
If you don't choose the Son
the choice you've made is against Him (Matt 12:30)

Watch out!
You're gonna lose
If you mess with the maker (Is 45:9)
Look out!
You're gonna lose
If you mess with the maker (Matt 25:41 / Rev 12:9)
Beware you're gonna lose if you
think you can tip-toe in between (Matt 7:13-14)

Your life is in danger!

You have made up your mind
that you don't need religion
You're such a good person
and you live better than some Christians (Ep 2:8-9)

Well, I've got some really bad news
You can read it for yourself
Jesus came once to save you
Turn away and He's gonna slay you (Rev 19:15 / Joel 3:13)

Your life is in danger

To confessing Christians that live in sin
To the religious living by the law (Gal 3:10-11)
Those who heard the Gospel and turned away
Lazy people who wouldn't make up their minds

Your life is in danger - Holy Danger!

Luke 12:40
Luke 3:17
Ecc 9:12
John 12:23

Copyright 2011 Tourniquet

#1[Side 01A] The Test for Leprosy4:38
#2[Side 01B] Ready or Not3:31
#3[Side 01C] Ark of Suffering4:14
#4[Side 01D] Tears of Korah6:20
#5[Side 01E] The Threshing Floor4:12
#6[Side 02A] You Get What You Pray For3:23
#7[Side 02B] Swarming Spirits3:24
#8[Side 02C] Whitewashed Tomb4:21
#9[Side 02D] Somnabulism4:38
#10[Side 02E] Harlot Widow and the Virgin Bride7:46
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