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Back To The Rock Live (DVD) by Classic Petra

DVD 1 Live Show
00:00 Bema Seat
04:38 Greg talks
05:49 Clean
08:58 Angel Of Light
13:32 Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows (w/ strings)
18:09 Godpleaser
23:13 Greg talks
23:55 Second Wind
28:43 Bob talks / Greg talks
32:04 More Power To Ya
35:41 Greg talks
36:09 Let Everything That Hath Breath
40:44 Mark talks
43:15 Grave Robber (w/ strings)
48:23 Greg talks
49:23 Adonai / Back To The Rock
58:43 Greg talks
58:53 Too Big To Fail
64:20 Credits
19 chapters, running time: 69:17

DVD 2 Documentary
00:00 Bob & Greg: The Early Years
05:25 The Devil's Music
09:29 Mark: Foundation For Ministry
13:04 Louie Joins The Band
16:09 Backwards Masking
18:29 Church Leaders Against Christian Rock
24:47 John Comes On Board
28:17 John: Personal Testimony
30:43 Greg Exits Petra
33:53 Creation Of Classic Petra
36:38 A Second Chance
39:40 Fans Share The Experience
44:28 What The Future Holds
45:33 Credits
14 chapters, running time: 45:55

There are four different releases for this DVD:
-- The first run was produced to be sold at Cornerstone Festival 2011 where Classic Petra performed on 30-June-2011. This run was manufactured by Durik Advertising. This release was duplicated rather than replicated which means that the quality is lower. Also, the chapters on the documentary are missing. This was a limited run and was only available at Cornerstone Festival.
-- The second release that was available for sale through from 08-July-2011 was also manufactured by Durik Advertising, but the menu on the second disc is fixed.
-- The third release is the retail release, distributed P-ID Blue. It is properly replicated and has additional distribution credits. It was released on 20-September-2011.
-- The fourth release is the blu-ray disc release. Only the live show is on blu-ray. The documentary is added as a DVD. This was only available through Earliest known purchase date is 26-October-2011, but it was probably available earlier.

Producers: John Lawry (audio) and Russel E. Hall (video)
Release date: 20-September-2011


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