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Battle Cries by The Brave

James Salters lead vocals
Stayce Roberts guitars, vocals
Malcolm Paris bass, vocals
Randy Roberts drums, vocals
Freddie Tierra guitars, vocals
John Elefante producer
Dino Elefante producer


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May 7, 2015 10:39:39 PM
I flat wore out this CD when I was in high school. Just reacquired it after nearly 20 years and it still sounds as awesome as I remember!
#1All Together Now
#3It That Ain't Love"
#4Running All My Life
#5Tears of a Broken Heart
#6Little Love"
#7Never Live Without Your Love
#8Big World
#9Ride with the Rhythm
#10Just a Man
#11All Together Now (studio mix
#12Running All My Life (studio mix)
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