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Swedish Hitz Goes Metal II by ReinXeed

1. Dancing Queen (Abba cover)
2. Don´t Stop The Music (Robyn cover)
3. Alive (Da Buzz cover)
4. One Of Us (Abba cover)
5. Tiger (Abba cover)
6. Does Your Mother Know (Abba cover)
7. Rock Me (Abba cover)
8. Voulez-Vous (Abba cover)
9. Take A Chance On Me (Abba cover)
10. All 'Bout The Money (Meja cover)
11. Euphoria (Loreen cover)
12. My Favourite Game (The Cardigans cover)

Released 21.08.2013 in Japan by Nexus Records.
Track list order is different:
1. My Favourite Game
2. Dancing Queen
3. Tiger
4. Don't Stop the Music
5. One of Us
6. Rock Me
7. Alive
8. Dressed for Success (Roxette cover)
9. Does Your Mother Know
10. Take a Chance on Me
11. Voulez-vous
12. All 'Bout the Money
13. Euphoria [bonus track]


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