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Ultimatum/Join the Dead split promo CD by Ultimatum

A split promotional CD for Ultimatum and Join the Dead for Roxx Records. This was a very limited edition run and was sent to radio and some reviewers only. Join the Dead are a heavy metal band out of California consisting of Michael Phillips (Deliverance/Fasedown), Paul White (Decadence) and Tim Kronyak (Deliverance). The four songs included here are all on the band's debut EP. The five Ultimatum songs are all from the "Heart of Metal" CD.

"What A Joke" is exclusive to this promotional CD. This cover of the Deliverance classic was originally recorded for the Deliverance tribute CD, but here is a completely new version with new guitar work and remixed. According to vocalist Scott Waters, "I was never completely happy with the version on the "D" tribute as the guitar solo/hook from the original song was absent. Mike wanted a heavy Machine Head feel for that tribute and felt the song didn't need the additional solo work. However, I asked Mike if he could add the additional guitar parts to the song and remix it for use as a promotional giveaway. He agreed and after a couple rounds of mixes back and forth between the two of us, the song was given away as an MP3 download to those who pre-ordered either the Ultimatum or Join the Dead CD. It is included here as a bonus track."

1. Heart Of Metal [remix] (4:40)
2. Blood on a Thousand Hills (4:02)
3. Scattered (Body Parts) (3:58)
4. Hook Line & Sinker (5:50)
5. Rip ā€˜nā€™ Tear (4:02)
Join the Dead
6. Mask Of Fear (5:55)
7. Out Of Breath (3:30)
8. Self Inflicted Pain (6:02)
9. Idol Faith (6:07)
Michael Phillips (Join the Dead) & Scott Waters (Ultimatum)
10. What A Joke (6:13)


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Feb 9, 2014 04:56:09 PM
Probably one of the more rare promo CDs with only 50 pressed and sent to radio stations and a handful of reviewers. Worth owning for the new version of What a Joke.

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