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Inner Sanctum by Grave Robber


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Feb 15, 2014 08:42:52 PM
Aug 3, 2014 08:18:07 AM
Well, here is something much different. At least in the Christian realm. By all appearances, this is the type of stuff I try to avoid. So glad I took a chance as:

The music is very good
The lyrics are 95% coherent
Time flies by=quick listen


track 2) apocalyptic gloom & doom
track 3) anti-demon song has a Madolyn Murry O'Hair (Lust Conrol) feel to it
track 4) graphic description of our old selves before becoming a new creation
track 5) an interesting look at Psalms 23
track 7) a love song. Reminds me of the old band 'Sha Na Na'
track 9) musically, my favorite. Excellent heavy metal.
track 11) I believe this is about the devil's final resting place

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