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A Thought Crushed My Mind by Blindside

"Smash Swedish quartet follows up their debut album with more of what got hardcore listeners crushed out on them in the first place. Recorded before their incredible tour with Project 86 and POD last spring. It will captivate the hard music fan for many more seasons." -Tooth & Nail


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Nothing But Skin/Phatbat 1303 ()

I put on my stinking coat again
But that so much rain would come from inside
I didn't understand
I could always protect me
But I couldn't protect me from this
That all of this was just a death kiss

Just one silent word and I'm whole again
You said it

Look at me now
I'm hardly moving
It's only you and me now
It's only you
I scream but the walls suck my air

I look at my arms resting on her back
They can't be mine they look more dead then alive
I hate that I own the ability to not get back on track
I wet her hair and they still look more dead then alive

To be allowed to break into a thousand pieces
In her arms and in your hand
Can't even form my lips to say Jesus
But I thank you for knowing where I'm supposed to land

People say I should eat more, boy they should see me now
I'm almost vanishing, skin so thin I can see right through
Makes you more visible inside me, you rise as I bow
Fight for every breath and breathe only you

Copyright 2000 Blindside

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#11Nothing But Skin/Phatbat 1303
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