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A Thought Crushed My Mind by Blindside

"Smash Swedish quartet follows up their debut album with more of what got hardcore listeners crushed out on them in the first place. Recorded before their incredible tour with Project 86 and POD last spring. It will captivate the hard music fan for many more seasons." -Tooth & Nail


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Vow of Silence (3:48)

I'll break my vow of silence

Because I am what you told me you are
Because you showed me your unhealed scar
Revealed and died in your own eyes
Relieved me to see my own lies

Through the years it has become darker in that secret place
His light pierced this lonely chamber through you
And the truth shall set you free
I'll remember your truth that set me free from it getting
Darker and darker in that secret place

It came flying through the air like a beautiful
shadow made me turn my head
The taste of danger is sweet I've always known
but still allowed this to be my bread
Evil crow lands on my head, I let it stay
Whispers so I think only I can hear it and I obey

Who would think that so much beauty would come
from such horrible truth
Because I am what you told me you are
Because you showed me your unhealed scar

Tongue too ashamed to even pronounce it right
I spoke but kept it in me with ropes so tight
This is my fight, the word was spoken and I got my sight

Promise so glad I wasn't able to keep
Words formed by your soul is my reflection
Lie was bound to my heart to keep
Broken chains through your confession

Copyright 2000 Blindside

#1Vow of Silence3:48
#2As You Walk4:07
#3King of the Closet4:04
#4My Mother's Only Son5:43
#6Silver Speak3:26
#7Where Eye Meets Eye3:46
#9In the Air of Truth3:01
#10Across Waters4:28
#11Nothing But Skin/Phatbat 1303
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