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Detonation (Re-Issue) by Bloodgood

Originally released in 1987.

Re-released in 2010 by Intense Millennium Records w/ additional tracks and a limited edition 2nd disc.

Disc 1: additional tracks
11. Crucify - Live At Metal Mardi Gras, Carson CA 09/12/87
12. The Messiah - Live At Metal Mardi Gras, Carson CA 09/12/87

Disc 2: Live @ Metal Mardi Gras, Carson, CA 1987
1. Live Wire (2:42)
2. Awake (4:00)
3. Eat The Flesh (3:43)
4. Holy Fire (3:22)
5. Crucify (3:23)
6. The Messiah (8:41)
7. Demon On The Run (4:07)
8. Band Introduction (1:18)
9. Black Snake (3:58)
10. Stand In The Light (4:24)
11. Interview 'kcms' The Rock (8:43)
12. Radio Ad: Detonation, April '87 (1:00)


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Feb 6, 2014 03:17:36 AM
Like the first album this is a remaster with new artwork. You can display the new one or the original. I never understood why new covers were made there was no need to do it (for ANY of the IMR releases). But what is important is the music. A classic album remastered. It sounds good but the original production is a little "tinny". I had this on cassette when it was new and didn't have it again until the reissue.
Feb 22, 2015 06:59:32 AM
Strange cover art. Have mine flipped to the original cover. Liner notes hard to read, the font is very small. The sound is very good, the remaster is nice and the liner notes are interesting however they are so small and the coloring is bad making it almost impossible to read a small font with the colors in the layout. But a classic album, I won't be reading liner notes while driving anyway :)

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