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Crime Scene Earth 2.0 by Saint

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1 Half A Times Measure 6:05
2 Terror In The Sky 5:30
3 Everlasting God 4:23
4 Crime Scene Earth 4:25
5 The Judas In Me 3:35
6 Too Many 5:03
7 Invader (Judas Priest cover) 4:15
8 Bended Knee 3:29
9 Lost


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Aug 16, 2014 06:48:15 PM
It's early 2010 and Saint has treated us to 2 stunning albums about 1 month apart. Albeit CSE 2.0 is a re-issue, but masterfully redone with Josh back at the helm where he belongs. Although Richard is a competent vocalist, Saint for me, is not Saint unless Josh is the front man.

This band has churned out excellent albums for over 25 years, this will be no exception. Their one or two exceptions are quickly forgotten while listening to this.

Great to hear the return of guitarist Jerry Johnson. What a smoking pairing with Dee Harrington. I love how nearly every song contains solos usually in the last part.

I totally dig the artwork too.

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