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The Downward Spiral (Remastered And Expanded) by The Moshketeers

"The Downward Spiral" had never been officially released on any record label, no less on CD. Finally in 2010 the album was released by Roxx Records with several bonus tracks. Those lucky enough to get in on the pre-release received a special 2-CD version with the complete Rapture "Vacation from Hell" demo and a black "Downard Spiral" t-shirt. The Roxx release is packaged with completely brand new cover art, liner notes and some classic photos of the band. Unfortunately this album was printed in very limited supply with only 1000 pieces being pressed in total and only 125 2-CD versions making it an instant collector's item.


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Feb 11, 2014 08:19:20 PM
"The Downward Spiral" is one of my favorite thrash metal albums and it deserves to be released officially on CD, especially with some kick butt artwork. This original album featureds eleven slabs of prime speed and thrash metal. They incorporated elements of doom ("Self Extinction"), groove ("Grease the Duck") and classic metal ("Nightmares") but were mostly good just classic, American thrash metal. The songs are not overly technical, but the riffs are somewhat complicated, aided by some outstanding bass work and shredding guitar solos. The songs themselves are all quite distinct, with varied tempos and strong hooks, keeping the music from sounding boring and samey. At one moment the songs are driving and fast, such as "The Posers of Deceit" and the title track, whie other moments offer a bit more mid-paced groove such as "Epicurus" and the ultra-heavy "Sin". Paul Scozzafava has the classic, aggressive, shouted, slightly gravely vocal approach that fits well the music. The original mix was solid, with heavy guitar tones and each individual instrument sitting in it's place. However, thanks to modern mastering technologies, the sound here is outstanding and far improved over the original cassette tape release.

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