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Anthology by Warlord

Disc 1:
Tracks 1-7 Deliver Us MLP 1983
Tracks 8-9 Aliens/Lost And Lonely Days 12" 1984
Tracks 10-17 And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun... Video Soundtrack LP 1984
Track 18 Thy Kingdom Come Compilation-LP 1986

Disc 2:
Track 1-10 Rising out of the Ashes CD/LP 2002 (Track 10 is a bonus track from the Japan Edition of the album)

First pressing: 1000 hand numbered double CDs including the band's entire back catalogue minus the Metal Massacre version of Lucifer's Hammer.

Second pressing: 500 copies.
Everything is fully re-mastered for the very first time and packed with exclusive artwork, photos, lyrics and info.

In addition, the first 400 of the 1000 hand-numbered copies of this double CD, are packed with a 80-pages book featuring the band's official biography full of details, information and photos never before available to the public, provided by William J Tsamis himself.


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